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facebook email extractor

facebook email extractor

When business is a competitive sector, marketing is known to be the soul of trade. To make your business grow and shine like a diamond, you must get some real gem that can nourish your business and get you some real customers!

IN a world full of digital marketing, you cannot forget Email marketing. The best method of reaching to the clients with your business is Email. When an email is usually hidden, reaching newer clients gets tough.

To take you out from this crisis, Email Extractors are here! When we talk about facebook email extractors, Mailbiz is the first name that hits our brains. If your business policy joins Mailbiz, you are sure to win the battle!

Yes, we are here will all the details of the best Facebook Email extractor Mailbiz. Just take a look at how incredibly software can save your time and uplift your business!

How it works: Mailbiz Work Process

Mailbiz as an Email Extractor

If you are a professional marketer and want to rely on any specific software, it must be Mailbiz. Mailbiz includes each and everything that you require for acquiring Email addresses from the websites. No matter how many new methods of marketing get listed, Email marketing is still the best way to reach customers and gain authentic clients.

Best Facebook Email Extractor -Extract email from facebook groups ,Page and more

People rave about Facebook email extractor because this is the best policy when it comes to gain newer clients. But how does this email extractors work? Let us know the steps here!

Basically, this software is designed to extract email from Facebook automatically. If you want the email extractor to extract email then you can identify any search criteria. No matter it is a domain name or a keyword, Mailbiz will extract it effortlessly. Even if it is a searching engine, Mailbiz has the power to extract email there.

Another work of email extractors is to remove any sort of duplicate emails. You do not need to invest thousands of hours collecting every mail from Facebook anymore if you are with Mailbiz. It will easily collect data by gaining knowledge about the email of Facebook and will reduce your workload.

Mailbiz as a Phone Number Extractor

Besides extracting email from Facebook, phone numbers are also very important when it comes to online marketing.

With the help of the phone number, you will be able to do SMS marketing also. Moreover, if you have the phone numbers of the Facebook users then you can make a list of the phone numbers and upload it. You can serve it to Facebook.

This list will help running custom oriented campaigns in the future. With the help of this, Facebook will be capable of helping you in targeting the selected people that own those numbers.  

Features of Mailbiz

There are a lot of features of Mailbiz. We will discuss the most popular features that you might need to use on a regular basis.

  • Finder: This will help you find the ID of the link you provide
  • Email Extractor: This helps you to extract email from the pages and groups.
  • Phone Extractor: It works for extracting phone number from the groups and pages.
  • Facebook Exporter: It helps to extract the ID of all the posts on a Facebook Fan Page or an open Group.
  • Result History: You will be able to see the history of the previous searches here.

Sub Features

  • Search Group: By using this feature, you can know about all of the groups that are related to a single topic (that you have searched for.)
  • Search Fan Page: With the help of this feature, you can learn about all the fan pages that are talking about a single topic.   
  • Search Fan Page by Location: Utilizing this, you can narrow down the fan pages and know about some specific topics in terms of a location.
  • Trending Products: Using this feature, you can know about the trending products along with the stores. The links of the stores and the prices along with the estimated sales are also added here.
  • Winning Products: With the help of this, you can know about the winning products of the market along with the sales details.
  • Product Database: By the use of this feature, you will get to know about the database of any specific product you are searching for.

How to Extract Email and Phone Number with Mailbiz: Step by Step process  

  • Go to the Fan Page/ Group/ Profile/ Post  
  • Copy the link
  • Go for the feature ID FINDER in the tool and paste the link there
  • You will get a number of the ID
  • Copy the number as paste it in Mailbiz
  • Click EXTRACT

The tool will scan the posts of the Fan Page. You will get to know about the names, email, and other information of the people that have commented in the posts of the Fun Page.

After the process is completed, you have to download the information that the software has collected. Open the file and you will have all the names, user IDs along with the emails and phone numbers.  

Extract Email from Facebook easily with these steps. No matter you are going to extract email from group, post, page or profile, the process is the same.

Why should you use Mailbiz: Benefits of Mailbiz?

  • The best part of Mailbiz is it can reduce your workload easily. You will never need to go through every Facebook account and provide time there to extract mail manually. With the help of Mailbiz, you can get the emails automatically. So, it will lessen your workload to half.
  • When it comes to Mailbiz, you have to remember that it is more user-friendly than any other email extractors that are available in the market. The interface of Mailbiz is very much user-friendly. Even if you are new to this sector, you will never find it tough to work with. The UI design is made for both the seasoned and newbie.  
  • Mailbiz works great in its territory because it is capable of adjusting with thousands of websites. Furthermore, it has the ability to run a profound in-depth search to extract the emails from Facebook. It can deliver you thousands of email in a short period of time.
  • In comparison to any other Email extractor, Mailbiz has the reputation of being smooth in terms of performance. It will never lag and it will never make you wait. Moreover, Mailbiz works faster than the random Facebook email hunter. It works fast and affords you result faster than that!
  • Mailbiz is very much reliable when the discussion is about perfect mail extraction. If you do not want to make mistakes or you are not interested to get wrong emails from Facebook, Mailbiz is the best deal for you. You can highly rely on the trustworthy information that Mailbiz delivers you.
  • In terms of installing and uninstalling any software, Mailbiz is said to be the superior. It is very easy to install the software and make the proper use of it. If you want then you can easily uninstall this application only going through some steps.
  • The lightweight nature of this software will also impress you. Mailbiz will not take up so much space of your computer.

Winding Up

When it comes to the Facebook Email extractor, Mailbiz wins the game. Till now this software has extracted about 305.000.000+ targeted emails. With the help of Mailbiz, you can extract email from Facebook group and you can also extract email Facebook page.

If you want to save your time and effort, this is must-have software for you. If you haven’t still got it, you are missing something that’s really essential for the growth of your business. Go through the Facebook email extractor tool and let us know your experiences! 




Facebook Email Extractor tools - Number 1 facebook email finder Mailbiz

This piece of writing includes the detail of Mailbiz software which is used of facebook email extractor. Along with the features and benefits of the software, the working process of Mailbiz is also explained here. This is a proper guide to use Mailbiz and get the best benefit out of it.

Price: 77

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows,Mac

Application Category: Make Money


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