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The higher engagement you have got for your user, then they are going to take more action. A well engaging website quickly can bring traffic and sales. On the other hand, if you well optimized your site but didn’t design well, then you can’t get your desired traffic and sales. That’s the reason you will need Retainio. In this Retainio Review, I will tell you about all the details about these tools.

Retainio Review: What is Retainio ?

Retainio is a unique software that will help you to create highly engaging viral affiliate websites with just a few clicks.

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Retainio gives you multiple content options to choose from so that you can create engaging and in some cases, interactive content. Every possible content creation module you could ever need is included with Retainio.

Retainio has so many engaging elements.Retainio has got videos,polls,conversation,quotes,slideshow,listicles,paragraph,add products,spin wheel and more.

Retainio Review: What you can do with Retainio?

You can easily create a highly engaging and viral website with few clicks. You don’t have to learn coding or master in CSS, PHP and other programme languages.Retainio allows you to create a site that looks like a programme specialist made it.

You can add lots of items and elements in your site. You can add Videos, Pools, Slideshow, Conversation, Quotes, Gallery, Listicles, Swiper Paragraph, Vertical flip Gallary, Content, Extractor, and Spin Wheel.

Retainio has a huge number of elements that keeps your audience engaged. Let’s see some of the elements.

Video -:

Find videos by YouTube, Vimeo, or use an embed code.

Polls –

Create these to get visitors to interact with your site. People love to be included in the conversations, and polls are a great way to give them a voice.

Quotes –

Add a bit of flair to your sites with this option. Search for and include quotes by famous people or you can create your own as well!

List –

Create more helpful, useful posts that allow you to connect with the reader and offer true value. Or you can use it to base around any niche or topic such as celebrities, sports figures, or more!

You can use these lists to create catchy viral content that attracts tons of viewers while using the same content to earn amazing affiliate income from Amazon!

Retainio Review:

Retainio helps you to create a user engaging viral website that brings you money quickly.

Here is how Retainio is going to have your website making engaging as soon as possible.

# Impeccable Product

Cloud-based app – No set up required Easy to use newbie-friendly. Creates micro buzz viral affiliate sites in a few minutes. Creates highly engaging content easily.

# Support Desk

Right from the App, you can raise tickets, provide screenshots / Feedbacks. Plus we have extensive training in the web-based app.

# Easy setup process

No more expensive camera set up hassle. Unlock the power of your Smart Phone

# What is Latest?

You can find what is latest on the web in any niche and easily add this in your site.

# What is Hot?

Here also you find What is hot right now on Facebook,twitter, youtube, Instagram even web. You can easily add these things in your site.

# What is Popular?

The thing that is popular on the web you can easily add this in your site.

# What is trending?

You know what people are always looking for viral and trending things. So you can find easily viral and trending things right now on the web.

Retainio Review: How Does It Work

Retainio Works only three easy Steps

1. Click on Create New Button

2. Choose a subdomain name

3.and finally design Your site.

Retainio Review : How Retainio Can Help You

Retainio helps you in many ways. You can create a viral user engaging site within a short period.You don’t need to learn a programming language, but you can make a site like a programming language pro expert.

Retainio Saved your time and money.

Retainio Review : Who Should use it

Those people who have an online-based business they must need Retainio.

1.Digital marketer

2.Affiliate marketer

3.eCommerce Business.



About the author

The name of the creator of this product is Karthik.

Evaluation and Price

Retainio has 1 Front-end and 3 OTOs

retainio review

Front-End: Retainio Commercial 27$-37$

  • Video – Find videos by YouTube, Vimeo, or use an embed code.
  • Polls – Create these to get visitors to interact with your site.
  • Conversation – simulate a messenger or text style conversation between multiple parties with this option.
  • Quotes – Search for and include quotes by famous people or you can create your own as well!
  • Gallery – Allows you to put together multiple slideshows that draw your visitor’s attention in like a moth to a flame.
  • List – Create more helpful, useful posts that allow you to connect with the reader and offer true value.
  • Swiper – people are always swiping on their phones and mobile devices. Now they’ll be able to do the same with your posts too!
  • Spin Wheel – An amazing way to have visitors interact with your site and get them to opt-in or purchase some of your recommended offers.
  • Lead Generation With Autoresponder Integration
  • Automatic Amazon Affiliate Links for monetization
  • Share Your Retainio URLs Anywhere
  • Embed Code To Add In Any Page
  • Add Your Retainio Posts To Any WordPress Site
  • Enable Content Locking On Demand
  • Search Pixabay Youzign, and Giffy Right Within Retainio
  • No of campaigns – 50
  • Add 10 Facebook pages.
  • Add up to 10 WordPress sites.
  • CName Mapping
  • Tracking Code
  • 5 DFY Campaigns

OTO 1 – Retainio Pro $67

  • Feature to add product (Monetization)
  • Quiz
  • Flip
  • Content Extraction method – (Content curation)
  • No of campaigns – 100
  • Add 30 Facebook pages
  • Add up to 25 WordPress sites
  • Tracking Code
  • Manage Up to 50 clients
  • 20 DFY campaigns

OTO 2- Retainio Reseller -$297 is $497

  • 50 Accounts – $247
  • 100 Accounts – $397
  • Sell Retainio commercial and keep 100% profits
  • Sell Retainio Pro and agency at 50% commissions
  • Get reseller access 30 days after the launch

OTO 1: Extempore Pro $97

  • Take videos up to a maximum length of 20 minutes
  • Unlimited takes
  • 50 stories
  • Create Pro-Quality Videos
  • Share on Whats-app, Social Networks Or Download the file
  • Vertical(Portrait) /Horizontal(Landscape) Video Recording
  • Full HD Video Export
  • 1 License for Web
  • 1 License for Andriod/ IOS
  • Advanced Editing features
  • Add Lower thirds and Captions
  • Add BG Music
  • Brand your videos with your logo
  • Faster Rendering time
  • Direct Youtube Upload Integration
  • Auto Stop Recording Once the story is Over
  • Text Size can be adjusted based on the Preferences
  • Override the script scroll and scroll up or down during an actual take
  • Text Marquee Speed
  • Auto text running while recording
  • Make Square Videos for Instagram
  • Choose Both Front & Rear Camera
  • Make videos like a Pro for your Social Media
  • Export Video to a webhook URL Used for Third-Party Integrations
  • Customize the speed of words per minute as per your talking speed
  • Silent Mode- Put your phone on Silent Mode while recording
  • Adjust Teleprompter Speed


I wrote in a depth review about Retainio. I hope it will help you to make your decision more comfortable to buy Retainio. Before buying read this Retainio Review.

You can get Special Bonuses by following only 2 Steps.

Step-1: Order Retainio By Clicking here.

Step-2: After buying Retainio please send me a mail including your transition id and subject will- “Bonus for Advertsuite”. Send the mail here- [email protected]

Special Bonus

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Bonus-3: The Traffic Handbook

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Bonus-4: Traffic Secrets Unleashed

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Bonus-6: Lead Generation On-Demand

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Bonus-7: Image Search Secrets

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Over one-third of the site, visitors use Google Image Search. If you do it wrong and simply upload an image onto your website, hoping to get ranked high on Google Image Search, it won’t be as effective.

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